The General 杂志

The General (1964–1998) was a bi-monthly periodical devoted to supporting Avalon Hill’s line of wargames, with articles on game tactics, history, and industry news. It was the first professionally produced wargaming magazine for the nascent cardboard and hex-map wargaming hobby. Over the years the magazine was variously called The Avalon Hill General, Avalon Hill’s General, The General Magazine, or simply General. It was headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] With the sale of Avalon Hill to Hasbro in 1998 the magazine ceased. Its unofficial heir was Operations Magazine published by Multi-Man Publishing to support the line of Avalon Hill games that remained in print, but that too went out of print in 2010, replaced by Special Ops magazine in 2011.

将军杂志是一个介绍阿瓦隆山公司出品的战棋产品的战术,历史的杂志。这个杂志是少见的没有完整杂志棋的兵棋杂志了,但是文章还是可以阅览学习下的。(比如我会去找找海湾打击相关的扩展)我从这个网站上把所有有的将军杂志的资源拖了下来,大家有兴趣可以看看。AVALON HILL Magazines

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