CMO发布1147.44 更新

Build 1147.44 Release Notes (changes from Build 1147.43)

  • FIXED: Spiral 3 Never Hits Ship
  • TWEAK: Laser designators can now guide all SALH weapons (even if the weapon does not have the designator listed as a compatible director)
  • TWEAK: The Tacview version checker now provides more feedback
  • FIXED: Land Cover Legend Mismatch
  • FIXED: Timing mismatch can lead to a unit’s “Determine Primary Target” method never being run (this can lead to any number of issues related to targeting AI)
  • FIXED: #14740: Certain Side Functions nonfunctional after Side added via LUA
  • ADDED: Ability to open online Lua Docs standalone or on specific instruction
  • Includes updated versions of all official scenarios.