WITE2 1.02.21升级日志

V1.02.21 Changes:

• The baseline chance a displaced/relocated HQ will lose a leader was changed, from 15% (50% if isolated), as follows:
o June 1941 – 5% (10% if isolated)
o July 1941 – 10% (15% if isolated)
o All other dates – 15% (30% if isolated)
o Note: in-game loss percentages, on average, appear to be slightly higher than these baseline values.
• No more than one leader may be killed, per player turn within any given HQ, due to HQ displacement/relocation.
• HQs that have lost a leader due to displacement/relocation may suffer an additional MP reduction at the start of their next logistics phase.
Data and Scenario Changes
• OB file – Removed recently added Reduced Rifle Division Shtat OBs from showing up on build menu (they are not intended to be buildable in-game)
• Changes in ac file (update include one corrected aircraft symbol file):
o 0004 Bf 109E-4/B - changed to TacBomber, upgrades to Bf 109E-7/U1, ends 9/41, air profile change to GE Light Bomber
o 0013 Bf 109G-4/R3 - camera changes
o 0016 Bf 109G-8 - camera changes
o 0019 Bf 110C-5 - upgrade changed to Ju 88D-1
o 0021 Bf 110E-1/U1 - extended to 2/42, added small import from Bf 110E-2
o 0090 Fw 190A-3/U4 - ends 1/43, upgrade changed to Bf 109G-4/R3
o 0247 Bf 109G-8(HU) - camera changes
o 0440 Bf 109E-7/U1 - moved forward to 9/41, imports doubled to 200
o 0442 Bf 109G-6/R2 - camera changes
o 0445 Bf 110E-3 - air profile changed to GE Tac Recon, change camera options
o 0446 Bf 110G-3 - air profile changed to GE Tac Recon, change camera options, remove upgrade
o 0453 Bf 109G-2/R2 - camera changes
o 0454 Bf 109F-4/R3 - camera changes
o 0458 Ju 88S - bombload raised to 3000kg, some weapon set changes
o several German bombers now use LMB mine instead of LMA as naval loadout

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